Early Music Courses 2020 / 2021


International Academy of Organ and Early Music “Giuseppe Gherardeschi” – Pistoia

Dear Friends, we are pleased to present you the upcoming 2020/2021 annual courses of the International Academy of Organ and Ancient Music Giuseppe Gherardeschi of Pistoia and Il Rossignolo.

For the next Academic Year (October 2020 – June 2021) will be active the following courses:

Baroque singing: Rossana Bertini
Transverse flute: Marica Testi
Recorder / Baroque oboe: Martino Noferi
Baroque violin: Paolo Cantamessa
Historical keyboards / Continuo: Ottaviano Tenerani
Chamber music: Ottaviano Tenerani

In collaboration with the ancient music group Il Rossignolo and thanks to the many and significant musical instruments of the Academy courses of historical keyboards, ancient ensemble music, transverse flute, recorder and baroque oboe, baroque singing are active for several years. From this Academic Year the Baroque violin course is added as a course of study.

For these activities, the Gherardeschi Academy has a rich collection of instruments that makes it a unique and excellent center in the panorama of teaching and production linked to storically informed practices. In addition to the famous organs and the precious collection of ancient wind instruments (the Rottenburgh and Palanca flutes and the Oboe Anciuti), there is also a historical transverse harpsichord (Giovanni Ferrini 1731), four harpsichords (an anonymous from Italian/18th century, a flemish from Dulcken 1750/two manuals, a muselar from Ruckers 1620 and another Italian harpsichord from Grimaldi 1697), a Klop clavichord and a fortepiano from Walter 1790.

From September 2020 the Academy will have at its disposal a very important and beautiful new keyboard instrument recently acquired – a Bowitz fortepiano, datable to about between 1825 and 1837 – which expands the training offer for the students and completes the artistic project that the Academy had set from the start, that is to be able to deal with awareness and on historical instruments the repertoire that goes from the early seventeenth century to about the mid-nineteenth century. 

The productions of the Academy – including organ vespers, courses, masterclasses, student concerts, concerts by guest institutes, concerts at other institutions – are distributed throughout the course of each year. Collaborations with the conservatories of Trieste, Genova, Firenze, Siena, Pesaro, Reggio Calabria, Cosenza, Cagliari, the Academy of Shirakawa in Japan and the Diocesan Music Institute of Lucca, the Museum of San Colombano / Tagliavini Collection in Bologna; initiatives for elementary and middle schools in the provinces of Pistoia and Pisa and projects with the Strata Music Academy of Pisa, the Music Academy in Pontedera, the Bonamici Music School of Pisa, the Tuscan Suzuki Orchestra. Upcomings events with other Italian and foreign institutions in definition and development.

The courses consist of modules of 30 hours of lessons to be divided during the months from October to June.

The costs for the 30-hour basic course are:

– 600 euros (course)
– 100 euros (registration)
Total 700 euros

The chamber music course has a cost of 300 euros (course) + 100 euros (registration) for each member of the group. 

On request, students / groups can request to add hours (eg +10 hours / +15 hours / + 30 hours) by increasing the course fee by 20 euros per hour.

The calendar and the division of the total hours of lessons can be agreed with the teacher (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or at different intervals).

The musical program can be agreed with the teacher according to the student’s interests or following the guidelines expressed by each course.