Georg Friedrich Händel, Germanico

Handel - Germanico - Il Rossignolo - CD cover

acquista/buy cd acquista/buy iTunes   When the young George Frideric Handel travelled to Italy in the summer of 1706, he had already written four German operas for the Gänsemarkt opera house in Hamburg. South of the Alps, he went on … Continued

The original sonatas for recorder, transverse flute & bc

CD diritto e traverso

Precise indications of the instruments on which they were for to be played were given for all these pieces. Composers in Baroque times often indicated combinations of instruments to vary at the discretion of performers, often for reasons of logistics, … Continued

Alessandro Scarlatti, Concerti e SInfonie

CD scarlatti

There are names in the history of music which even today are unknown to listeners. One of the most striking examples is Alessandro Scarlatti (Palermo, 1660 – Naples, 1725), father of the better known Domenico and composer of works almost … Continued

Giovanni Battista Martini, Sinfonias

CD Tactus Sinfonie

Nowadays, critics and historians acknowledge Father Martini as a music scholar and theorist, but comparatively little is known of his compositions, which represented a wide range of different genres. Scholars have tended to focus on his sacred music and have … Continued

Giovanni Battista Martini, Six Sonatas for Organ and Harpsichord

CD Tactus sonate

Teacher, composer, musical theorist, scholar of mathematics and physical sciences, Father Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-1784) was an encyclopaedic mind in the noblest sense of the term. He was without doubt the greatest and highest figure of authority in European music … Continued